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Hear From Our Customers

Carly A.M

New Port Richey, FL

"I want to thank you for sending my order for Armidex.
When I found out how much it would cost me for 30 pills ($212) in the United States, my heart went in my throat. You people are saving me at least $50 a month. For some of us, who have spent most of our savings on Cancer therapy, it means so much.
Thank you so much"



Esther H

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to assure you that your prescription services will make a huge difference in my life. This particular prescription is a long term (5 year) commitment. It is for breast cancer, so to begin with, I'm on an emotional roller coaster. Add to this, the cost for the medication needed for my condition, which it is going to change my lifestyle.

In the States this medication is hugely overpriced, especially for senior citizens on fixed incomes. You must sacrifice in one area to get the needed medication. Thanks to you I have an alternative.
I can't thank you all enough for your help."

Kate Fowler

Arbor Michigan

"At this time I would like to thank you for the courteous, efficient service shown towards me. It is now 11 months since I started my relationship with cancer and kindness means a lot.

My retirement income is less than $900 a month. Out of that I pay $110 a month for my Medicare supplemental insurance and there is no prescription coverage included in it. When I was told that I would go on a drug costing at least $100 monthly, it was quite a big worry. Thank goodness one of my health care providers said "go to Canada" and gave me all the necessary information."

Leone G.

Westside, Iowa

"I have saved a considerable amount of money by getting my Tamoxifen prescription from your pharmacy.

It is much too expensive here in the United States that I could never afford it.
Thank you"



Rae M. W.

Burlington, Vermont

"My being able to purchase my Tamoxifen for my ongoing cancer treatment through your service has been instrumental in my recovery. I do not have to worry about the outrageous cost of tamoxifen here in the United States and can concentrate on becoming well.

I am retired and now living on a fixed income. Thank you for extending this service to me and the many women like me."


Donna C.

Hazel Park, MI

"The Canadian Drug program is helping me financially since I do not have prescription insurance.

I take Tamoxifen for the treatment of Breast Cancer and it is very expensive. This program is really great and saving me on my prescription.

Since I have quite a few doctor bills, I sure would hate to see this stopped.

Thank you"