Safe and secure ordering from Canadian Prescription Drugs

Ordering Prescription Drugs Online is Safe & Secure

At Canadian Prescription Drugs we make our customer’s health and safety our number one priority, with a proven track record for safe and responsible prescription dispensing practices and customer support care. Since its inception in 2000, Canadian Prescription Drugs has been recognized by The Better Business Bureau (BBB) as a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating.

Canadian Prescription Drugs ensures its patients utmost health and safety by operating in accordance with the following practices:

      • The medical history of each patient is reviewed before the prescription is filled
      • Potential drug interactions are brought to attention and monitored
      • A licensed pharmacist reviews every prescription that is filled
      • We do not dispense controlled, habit-forming medications (narcotics)
      • We do not provide access to drugs not prescribed by a physician
      • We do not dispense placebo medications in place of prescription drugs

If ever you have a question about the use or safety of one of your medications, our customer support team is available. Please call our toll-free customer support line at 1-877-966-0567 or submit a question to our pharmacist using our online form .