Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Do I have to travel to Canada to get my medication?
Answer No. The medication will be sent directly to you.
Question Do I have to pay US duties?
Answer No. Following the Canadian American Agreement, medications are duty free.
Question Do I need a prescription from my doctor?
Answer Yes. You need a prescription from a US doctor with a valid license.
Question How do I get my medication?
Answer All medications will be sent through Canada Express Post, guaranteeing a safe arrival. You will receive your medication within 2 weeks.
Question How much medication can I order?
Answer We can send you up to a 90-days supply of each of your medications, provided you have a valid prescription and they are for your personal use only. We recommend that you order three months supply at once, to cut down on shipping costs.
Question How much do you charge for shipping?
Answer We charge $10.00 for shipping and handling and $5.00 for insurance, for a total of $15.00 per package. If you are ordering medications for different members of your family at the same time, please let us know that you would prefer to have the orders shipped together and we will charge the $15.00 fee only once. These are the only additional charges you will be billed.
Question Can I order narcotics?
Answer No. Canadian Prescription Drugs does not ship any controlled medications.
Question Why do you need an Authorization and Release?
Answer To legally represent you in Canada to obtain your medication.
Question Why do you need a Personal Profile?
Answer This will allow our Canadian pharmacy to provide you with better counseling when necessary.
Question What is Canadian Prescription Drugs' return policy?
Answer We don't accept returns. Canadian pharmacies are prohibited by law from accepting returned drugs.
Question Are these the same quality drugs that I can buy at home?
Answer Yes. The Canadian government has strict requirements for the manufacturing of medications. Some drugs sold in Canada are manufactured in the US and repackaged for sale in Canada.

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Question How long will it take to receive my original order and refill orders?
Answer Your initial order and refills may take up to 2 weeks to arrive after we received all your documents.
Question Why are your prices so much lower than those in the US?
Answer In Canada the prices are fixed by Canada's Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB), ensuring that prices charged by the manufacture of patented medicines are not excessive. See link:

In addition, you save because of the favorable currency exchange rate when you use American dollars to buy medications in Canada.

Question Are all drugs less expensive in Canada?
Answer No. The majority is less expensive, but there are exceptions.
Question Will you accept my US insurance coverage for payment?
Answer No. We cannot accept US insurance payments. Upon request we will provide a receipt for insurance purposes; you can use it to claim back the expense. Depending on the policies of your insurance company, they may or may not accept our receipts. Check with them first.
Question How do you ensure my safety?

Canadian Prescription Drugs has licensed pharmacists and quality assurance technicians who take many steps to ensure that the medicines are in accordance with your doctor's instructions before your order is shipped. Our pharmacies are licensed by pharmacy regulatory bodies and follow strict guidelines of safety.

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